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In this ever-evolving world of technology, businesses have to evolve to reach new clients and stay relevant. This includes developing audio and video content to broadcast your brand.

Naqrah Creative House offers you various media production services, including content strategy, photography, videography, and much more. From the initial concept to delivering the final product, we are there every step of the way. We manage every aspect of the production and ensure client satisfaction.

Pre-Production is the homework done before full-scale production.

Pre-production is essential to nail down a production smoothly, but this planning stage is often overlooked. Naqrah creative House specializes in every pre-production aspect, including casting, location scouting, set construction, and much more.

Set Construction

We take care of all minor details of set construction to have the best possible finished environment for your production


For a successful project, scheduling is essential, and we can create a professional productional program to carry out production in a seamless manner

Effects identification and preparation

Effects have a powerful impact on storytelling, and we use special effects to make our productions better


We are also responsible for creating props and keeping them organized on the set.


We will look for the most suitable place for the production process, where you can bring your film to life

here comes the fun, Now lets Implement the video plan

Camera Set up

Here where the team get ready with the camera set up

Prop and wardrobe

We are also responsible for creating props and keeping them organized on the set.

Light and Sound Set Up

Get all the lighting and sounds ready to start shooting


If the shooting include actors that’s mean you need director to manage the shooting and directing the cast

B-roll footage

Taking extra shoots for different aspect and location to support narrative of your story

Voice Over

If the video requires voice over in this stage we will record it

Post-Production is the final touchups after the production.

Post Production involves organizing, cutting, color correction editing the photage that is captured during the production. There is a lot of work and detailing that goes into post-production. Our in-house team of professionals is fully skilled to cater to your post-production needs.


Colour and exposure correction

We can color correct, add special effects if there are any deviations from the standard appearance

Titles and graphics

If you want captions. Subtitles or credits sequence in your production we will cater to your needs.

Audio effects

Adding sound effects, music tracks, or any kind of audio is a part of our post-production services

Editing Video Footage

Our team comprises video editors who will edit raw footage and refine it as per requirements.



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